Personal Approach to Help You Identify What Success Looks Like and

Gain Clarity to Take Bold Steps to Lead Certainty

Be the change you want to be

As a global coach, I help leaders like you go through the most difficult and necessary changes, transitions, and transformations in your career and personal lives… And I help you do it with confidence and certainty.

So, if you’re ready to follow this path, or to explore what might be involved, then let’s talk.

When you collaborate with Sonia Saïdi, you can expect a blend of support and acquire your full potential.

She will help you clarify your most significant goals, establish a plan to move closer to achieving them, monitor your progress and ask you to take courageous steps.

Her coaching style combines strategic brainstorms and mindset discussions that explore the limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving exceptional performance.

Alone is harder – Together is better

Focus on Yourself

Boost Your Career

Regain Your Life

Fulfill Your Passion

“Sonia’s approach to coaching has brought me immediate benefits. During her initial evaluation, I received significant information and feedback on strategic points where I could take immediate action. During my work with Sonia, this flow of meaningful and useful information remained constant. Best of all, all of us working with Sonia continue to see concrete and consistent benefits: We have a better understanding of how we think, how we process information, and can now focus on the best approach to solve challenges in less time.”


Alex Stmrock Wong

Entrepreneur, Traveller, Writer, Racer, Singer , Malaysia

“Sonia is a very supportive and motivating person, who has your best interest at heart. She genuinely cares for your success and she will do everything possible to see you succeed. Sonia is very resourceful and you would be lucky to have her as your coach!”





Dr. Anna Pavlina Charalambous

Founder of Springs of Creation, Co-authored with Jack Canfield, Cyprus

I’m honored to have received the following executive coaching testimonials from past and current clients. If any of the following feedback resonates with you, let’s start a conversation.

Your Achievement Coach

Bonjour, I’m Sonia!
I deliver Executive Coaching for Leaders who are ready to refine their inner desire and implement changes once and for all.

I created my unique platform around the elements necessary to achieve breakthrough performances. My clients acquire a life-changing asset that leads them to their full potential after identifying clarity in their purpose and re-framing goals, building the fundamental equity, trust, and confidence, then constantly moving forward to enlightenment. I am committed to empowering you to achieve your definition of what success looks like with a healthy work-life balance.


Increased their confidence in achieving their goals

Activated their success

Grown their business with bold results

Coaching provides an invaluable space for personal development, empowering individuals to excel

70% – benefit from improved work performance, relationships

80% – people who receive coaching report, increased self-confidence

86% – of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching

Source ICF

Do what needs to be done

What a pleasant feeling to get things done the way we envisioned them. Trust and Love the process. It is always being followed, by doing that you will always get the best results.

So, if you want to discover this roadmap, then let’s talk.

“Sonia is an amazing person and a professional who really sees through you, with only two calls she can make you set all the steps in your head already to start developing an idea of where you want to be and how to get there. I deeply recommend her as a coach.”




Anastasia Biryukova

Founder of Anastasia Biryukova, Branding & Promotion, Spain

“If you want a coach and trainer that CARES, Sonia is the one you’re looking for. She and I have had many discussions. She knows how to “ask deep questions”, that really pull out the angles you may have not seen. The hard stuff. And she does it in a non-judge-mental and empathetic manner.”




Maher Daoud

Chief Executive Officer Oxiki, USA

I’m honored to have received the following executive coaching testimonials from past and current clients. If any of the following feedback resonates with you, let’s start a conversation.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change”

Carl Rogers

Sonia spends many years working as a Project Director for an international entertainment company. Although she loved the work and traveled extensively, she always felt something was missing but couldn’t put her finger on it. It was like the last touch needed, to make things perfect. She discovered her new field when she was in transition herself. She had the opportunity to meet someone along her path who helped her to determine the missing part, to find the final piece of her puzzle, someone removed from her situation had given her that clarity. Later, she left her job to start her new journey. She enrolled in a course and learned all the steps needed to achieve perfect mastery and also created a daily routine to strengthen her skills. There were some challenging days, but she NEVER had any doubts about who she wanted to be. It took a little time to get there, but she was surrounded by the right people in order to progress and achieve her enlightenment. Today, she shares with you her knowledge to become the best version of you. She has found her true purpose. Now it’s your turn!

Above all, I help leaders like you make the toughest decisions of your lives. But most of all, I help you do it with self-respect and certainty.

It is intended for the expert who wants to bridge the gap between the objectives set and the objectives achieved. Clients will work through refine strategies and adjust commitments, reflective questions to better understand what systems, processes, and beliefs are working and what needs to change to achieve their goals, by focusing on progress and adjustments needed, you are definitely closer to what success looks like.

Have the desire to achieve

There is a clear strategy of simply applying the principles, developing the right mindset, and using the right tools to guide you through the changes to become the best version of yourself in all areas of your life.

So, if you believe this is the way to get the outcome from, then let’s talk.

“Sonia, what a wonderful breathe of fresh air during a time of uncertainty. Sharing with Sonia has a way of breaking things down to her simplest form and when you really look at it, it’s not as bad as you think it is, It is different as she helps you to realize that, in the most unique ways. Her insight is very profound as if she was reading your thoughts before you spoke them. Her heart is big and her honesty will shake you back into place. I recommend Sonia to anyone that is between a rock and a hard place and wondering what to do next. You are one decision away from seeing the reality of your goals.




Stanley Goodson

Senior Instructor in Aviation Security, United States

“I have been coached by Sonia for the past six months now. I contacted her as I was lacking clarity in my next professional move. I had been in my comfort zone for a long period of time and I needed to get a clearer vision in terms of directions. Sonia has always been very understanding, very supportive, caring and kept me always motivated. She shared her experience as a coach as I was planning to follow up the same path, therefore it was resonating with me. When I started, I was completely lost with no directions whatsoever and I can now identify what to do next with her knowledge and advice. She follows up all the time ( even outside coaching sessions), she really cares and praises you as I am moving forward. She helped me having more visibility as a new coach. Would definitely recommend Sonia as a coach.”.


Anne Cartier

Executive Coach, United Arab Emirates

I’m honored to have received the following executive coaching testimonials from past and current clients. If any of the following feedback resonates with you, let’s start a conversation.

Clarity leads you to Certainty


Understanding all the levels of your life accelerates
the process to generate the desired results.
Can you state where you are right now?

Become an Executive where you are trained to think like an Elite who knows people, profits, and how to move the organization forward. Implementing the core and act as a decision-maker.

As a Leader, you hold the key to get your team on board and work in harmony. But beware, this is where the challenges begin, unless you’re good at leadership, emotional intelligence, and getting results. My leadership programs will help you excel in each of these areas.

A New career or Personal growth means, that you need to develop your skills to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Through proprietary and proven processes, you learn everything you need to know to take your skills to the next level.

So, no more excuses or procrastination. It’s now or never!

You have everything you need in You. I’m here to help you bring it out.

Organizational Coaching

Coaching services are delivered to organizations for their Executives, Managers, and Teams.

High-performing teams function and act differently, you can see this simply by observing them.

What’s the bottom line? They assimilate the company’s philosophy, you’ll notice that team members are able to step back when the fire is lit, recognize counter-productive dynamics, bring out unexpressed concerns and ideas, regulate emotions in the room, and make repairs. They do not wait, they take ownership of their team’s operation.

Common topics to work on:


  • Communication patterns (conversation creep, jumping to a solution)
  • Decision-making processes
  • Team roles and accountability
  • Reward systems
  • Power dynamics

Leadership Coaching

Coaching services are for Managers, Team Leaders and High-Potentials who want to develop and advance their leadership skills.

Grow the Leader you have inside You.

Leadership development is designed to provide the mindset and skills needed to achieve your company’s goals. Together, we adapt to your vision, structure, processes, leadership gaps, and current challenges to achieve the path of enlightenment.

Integrate new ways of thinking and working into your life.

Acquire higher skill levels, greater awareness in all areas, and action plans to implement to lead to certainty.

Pathway Coaching

Coaching services are for new career paths and personal growth, who want to change their life.

You have already driven a large number of kilometers and you are feeling this is the time to have a deep introspection of my career and personal life, then state who you want to be!

With a personalized approach, we will identify where you are and where you see yourself in the next few years. Through clarification, we will discover your interests, skills, values, and personality type. And share, whether it’s a level adjustment, change of work environment, or career that you need.

Unleash your full potential, step with bold action and fulfil with passion.


To identify and achieve your goal, no matter how tangible it may be, you need to be truly committed and willing to develop or outsource the qualities necessary to succeed.
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Sonia Saïdi

Clarity Achievement Coach, Leadership Consultant, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur
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